Boss BF-3 Flanger Pedal Review

Not all guitarists have mastered the use of the flanger effect to bring out a tone that is heaven to the ears. But those who have only sing praises about it. This modulation effect has great potential, and that is why many great guitarists such as Joe Satriani, likes using it in many of his performances. One of the pedals that you should try out for quality flanger effects is the Boss BF-3.

Among the more aggressive types of modulation are flangers. This is because it can either be used sparingly like a very exotic spice or extremely. When used sparingly, you will discover a plethora of sounds that you could not have imagined your rig is capable of pulling off. One thing you need to know about Boss BF-3 is it is neither the most complex nor the most expensive flanger pedal available on the market today. This pedal is relatively simple and affordable. When considering all these, it is amazing how the performance of this tiny flanger pedal beats the others in its category.


All Boss pedals come in the same legendary casing. In particular, it comes in a beautiful but indestructible casing that assures you the pedal will not disappoint you anytime soon. It is amazing the amount of beating these casings can take considering how hard some guitarists stomp on their pedals. The Boss BF-3 comes in a purple casing, which is in accordance with Boss’ color classification.

This is an evolution of a pre-existing model of previous Boss flangers. In fact, it has minimal differences from the other models and each difference is pretty significant on its own. The BF-3 is a very popular pedal among guitar players. The reason behind this is the fact that it has a dedicated guitar and bass guitar input. This means that it was designed for use with these two types of guitars, but its performance is more impressive when used with the bass one. The pedal also has a set of true stereo outputs.  These outputs can be used to hook up to two different speakers for the ultimate flanging experience.

It has both standard and nonstandard control knobs. There are four control knobs in this pedal. These control knobs are Manual, Depth, Rate, and Mode. The first knob, Manual, has two functions. One of its functions, which is set by using the outer ring of the knob is to set the core frequency for applying the effect. The inner part of this knob is Resonance. This Resonance controls how much feedback you receive. The second knob from the left is Depth. Depth controls how far or wide the range of the effect will go. The third knob to the right is Rate. This knob regulates the speed of the effect.

The Mode knob serves more functions. The player uses this knob to choose between four modes. These modes are Ultra, Standard, Gate/Pan, and Momentary. Ultra mode is used to push the flanger effect to the extreme. Standard sets the flanger effect at normal, while the Gate/Pan gives you a Leslie-style effect. Momentary mode prevents the pedal’s effect from kicking in unless you press the switch in and hold it there. On top of flanger, the Boss BF-3 comes with tap tempo that makes things more interesting.

In terms of features, the BF-3 is pretty well endowed. It has many useful features in a compact standard Boss body. This configuration of features is very thoughtful and is what most guitar players are looking for.


The performance is great. Having the quasi Leslie emulation is great on its own, and the stereo output is a plus. It is capable of producing quality effects because of its range. With this pedal, you are able to dial in any kind of flanger that you can imagine. The pedal is also capable of being fast and aggressive, therefore, perfect for playing with in such situations. When the situation requires subtle, it is capable of delivering too. Also, as I had mentioned earlier, the pedal works very well with bass guitars.


The Boss BF-3 is simply a pedal that any serious player would want to use. It is packed full of useful features and performs impressively. On top of that, it is relatively simple to use and very affordable.