A Superior Guide To Choosing The Best Acoustic Guitar Online

Are you looking for advice on choosing the best acoustic guitar for your budget, needs and whatever other situations you may have?  Today just might be your lucky day!  I put together what I feel to be one of the top acoustic guitar guides online right now.  Choosing musical instruments doesn’t need to be hard!

Buying a new acoustic doesn’t need to be difficult….but we looked at a lot of the top brands and have some great recommendations in this buyers guide.  Feel free to read our top pick in each category.

How Do We Define “Best”?

Here’s the thing though.  When you are searching for the “best” of just about anything, there are a lot of different variables.  Acoustic guitars are no exception.  Since there are so many different ways to define what is best for you, I categorized what I feel to be the top rated for a specific category.

I also considered things like:

  1. What Are Some Best Selling Options? – I looked at all the top online stores that sell these guitars and found what was the top sellers for each category.
  2. What Are Pros Using? – I considered what some of the top pro guitarists out there are using wither for recording or live.
  3. What Are Other Players Recommending? – Many great recommendations can come from online guitar forums.  There are so many great players out there that have a lot of knowledge on guitars.  Why not take some ideas from them too?
  4. Choosing The Right Brands – depending on what you are looking for, different brands may stand out for different areas that you want to cover when searching for a new top acoustic guitar.
  5. The price tags.  Especially if they came with accessories like hard cases or gig bags.

How To Choose An Acoustic Guitar Brands And What To Look For

When I was asking myself “Which Acoustic Guitar Should I Buy?”, I uncovered a huge number of different paths I could take.  I asked myself a lot of questions:

  1. How much do I want to spend and what is my budget?
  2. What level of guitarists do I consider myself to be?
  3. How many strings do I want that guitar to have?
  4. What profile of neck?
  5. Types of music I typically play.
  6. What do some of my favorite acoustic guitarists play?
  7. etc….etc….etc….

During all this research, I was able to put together quite an extensive list of recommendations for aoustic guitars for just about anyone looking.  Probably the biggest reason to be publishing it here!

How can you use this guide?  Easy!  Just look at the recommendations below based on the aspects that you consider to be important.  I am positive that you will end up finding the right one for you.  We are also recommending buying them at Amazon online but you could also consider Guitar Center.

Price Range and Budget – How Much Do They Cost?  Low Priced to Higher

Under $100 Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

Jasmine S34CBuy On Amazon

Whether you’ve been playing for a while or are just starting out, the Jasmine S34C accoustic guitar offers a great value. This model packs many desirable features into a guitar designed for general purposes. Overall, the guitar gets high ratings from buyers, with respect to looks, build, and performance.

The Jasmine S34C is made by Takamine, a manufacturing of much more expensive guitars. Much of the same construction is used in this entry level model. It’s designed as a cut-away orchestra style guitar. The Jasmine features a solid spruce top, and X bracing system, a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and sapele sides and back. The Jasmine comes in a satin, natural wood finish.

Many buyers like the look and quality of the guitar. They say it’s well made and are not disappointed with it. Even the strings produce a pleasant sound. Experienced buyers say the Jasmine S34C is easy to use for those with small hands and players with larger hands. They also say the guitar is easy to tune and stays tuned for a reasonable amount of time. While frequent tuning is often a necessity, more time between tuning allows beginners to focus on learning to play.

The Jasmine S34C is a great entry level guitar or a good back up model to have for a variety of users, from beginner to experienced. It’s well made and comes with a warranty. This guitar is a good value for the price.

Just a quick note – the Jasmine S35 is also a great choice in this price range.

Under $200

Yamaha FG800Buy On Amazon

The Yamaha FG series has been a hit ever since it debuted in the 1960s. Since then, Yamaha continues to prove that you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for a top acoustic guitar. The Yamaha FG800 is a premium offering at a reasonable price. It focuses on superb play-ability, great build quality, and a near perfect musical tone. It continues the tradition of delivering class-leading tones making it a favorite among millions of guitarists around the globe.

This particular model follows in the footsteps of the iconic Yamaha FG180 acoustic guitar. It spots a simple traditional look but offers a well-balanced authentic sound thanks to its scalloped bracing design. The body spots a dreadnought design with Sitka solid spruce top complete with Nato back/sides. The guitar’s neck is pretty standard but still manages to remain smooth and comfortable on the hand. As is common with most products nowadays, the FG800 can be finished in a wide array of colors, to match the artist’s taste.

Like many guitars in its class, the FG800 features the standard die-cast tuners which are responsible for the guitar’s decent tune. The bridge is finished in rosewood while the nut and saddle are available in Urea. The material does a decent job of preventing wear and tear that comes about due to stroking the strings. The guitar features a right-hand orientation with a gloss finish body. The neck is 25 inches long with a nut width of 1.69 inches (43mm).

Sound is definitely one of Yamaha’s key selling points. The brand has truly delivered by producing an affordable acoustic guitar with a well-rounded tone. If you are a beginner or an advanced guitarist looking for a budget-friendly quality guitar, then the FG800 is for you.

All in all, the Yamaha FG800 does a great job of keeping up with its predecessor’s reputation. Bearing in mind its performance, balance, and consistency, we firmly believe that it’s a bargain at the current asking price.

Under $300

Fender CD-60SBuy On Amazon

The Fender CD-60S is an affordable and quality acoustic guitar suitable for many skill levels. The dreadnought body shape ensures a full acoustic tone that has enough volume to accompany voices and other instruments. It is an easy to play and affordable guitar that makes it a great student guitar with the quality and sound of more advanced instrument.

The cost is affordable, but the quality is that of a much more expensive instrument. The back and the sides of the guitar are constructed of mahogany. The top of the guitar is constructed from solid spruce. These materials combined with the dreadnought body results in a full and warm tone. The rosewood fingerboard is rolled and uses pearloid dot finger position inlays. Vintage fretting adds to the classic feel of this great guitar. This model is built in a natural finish as well as a black finish.

People love this guitar. It is one of Fender’s most popular models. It is popular amongst many genres of acoustic music. A favorite for solo musicians and accompanying players, it provides a full body and volume sound that is suited for both styles of playing. There are several models in the 60 series and everyone of them is more than worth their affordable price. It is the price of these quality models that has everyone raving. The quality of this guitar is virtually unparalleled by another company at this price. The price makes one think it is a student guitar, but the sound quickly makes you understand it is much more. It is a players guitar that you can take to a campfire, coffeehouse, or to just pick at home in your living room.

There is not much more to say about this instrument. With the Fender CD60 you are actually getting more than you pay for.

Under $400

Ibanez AW535NT Artwood Solid TopBuy On Amazon

I’ve heard people say that the Ibanez sound is something that stands out among guitars. The Ibanez AW535NT Artwood Solid Top is a great example of a guitar rated with five stars as a great sounding and easy to play guitar and for the money, it rates a full five stars. The Artwood series was specifically crafted by Ibanez to be a traditional and modern guitar at the same time. In a perpetual search for the most richest tone in guitar, this dreadnought is built with a solid top made of pure Sitka spruce. It also comes with a mahogany neck a three-piece design on the back including rosewood and maple and it stands out prominently. The rosewood fingerboard has maple inlays which help produce that well-balanced, beautiful tone. The backbone is the distinctive rosewood bridge with signature

Ibanez Advantage bridge pins complete with chrome Grover tuners.
Overall it’s a very distinctively beautiful dreadnought guitar that generates a fantastic sound compared side by side with guitars twice the price. It’ll stay in tune as long as any other guitar you can find and the Grover tuners really help with that. It’s considered highly consistent, has a great feel and is fun to play and with the rich sound of the Ibanez, you’ll find it’s a great guitar for practicing, for jamming and for recording. It doesn’t come standard with a case, so you’ll need to pick up a case for your Ibanez.

The Ibanez difference in the Artwood series of dreadnought guitars is that the all feature solid wood tops, compared to the laminated plywood type of construction often found in similarly priced guitars. Ibanez has always delivered on its sound, and at incredibly affordable prices, it has become a favorite of many musicians who have once owned or still own Ibanez guitars. Do yourself a favor and take a look at the Ibanez.

Under $500

Seagull S6Buy On Amazon

The Seagull S6 guitar holds the gold standard for beginner guitars. Many claim that it is incorrect to label this as a beginner guitar. The reason is that the sound output is that of a more expensive model. The feel gives you an introduction to the hand of a more expensive guitar.

The guitar is made in North America. Considering the low price point, the fact that it is made in North America is amazing. The Canadian company features Canadian wild cherry for the sides and the back of this beautiful guitar. Adding to the unique tone woods is the pressure tested solid cedar wood top. It produces a sound that is warm yet unique. The wood selections are not typical in the guitar world, resulting in a unique and beautiful looking and sounding guitar.

Even the neck construction is unique. Seagull uses silver maple leaf on the slightly thick neck. The undersized headstock offers an individual looking silhouette for a good reason. The tuners in line with the nut provides for more stability in tuning, which is a thoughtful feature especially for beginners.

There are a few S6 models in the series. The original features the dreadnought body style so sought after in acoustic designs. Seagull also offers an acoustic electric version of the S6 guitar. The electric version is the exact same body design. The only difference is the inclusion of the trademark Godin QIT pickup placed discreetly on the sidewall. The S6 comes with a built in tuner, another nice feature for beginners.

You cannot get a better sounding or looking guitar for the price. It is one of the highest rated entry guitars. The one word of caution is to take heed of the softer woods used to construct the body as it can nick and dent easily.

Under $750 (Mid Range)

Blueridge BR-140 Historic SeriesBuy On Amazon

Every once in a while a guitar comes along that strikes your interest, and only after playing it do you realize you’re holding something that’s priced thousands of dollars less than what it should be. This is the story of the Blueridge BR-140 Historic Series dreadnought guitar, one that’s bound to go down in guitar history.

The back and sides are decked out in solid Honduran mahogany, and it belts out some high volume, all with penetrating tones which are bright when you want them and deep when you need them. It comes a pure East Indian rosewood fretboard and a slim neck that comes all the way down to the solid sitka top. The nut and saddle are genuine bone and you’ll find that there’s no glue dressing in the frets and the finish is well-made clear poly.

The sound is remarkably clear and vibrant and illuminating, and the quality will stand up against guitars several thousand dollars more in price. The Blueridge name shouldn’t intimidate you. It comes from the legendary South San Francisco’s Saga Musical Instrument Company and the Blueridge name stands apart as a specialist in the traditional look and sound, leaning more toward vintage. When we say vintage, we mean guitars prior to WWII. After doing exhaustive research into vintage styles, each guitar is meticulously crafted in the Blueridge factory, conforming to the spirit of prewar guitars through the materials used and some of the ornate inlay work. The Blueridge BR-140 Historic Series guitar comes with a beautiful Dalmation tortoise pickguard and when you ease your hands onto the slim mahogany neck, you’ll find that it’s such a comfortable and easy guitar to play and how its design lended itself to many back-porch strumming sessions.
If you’re interested in finding a vintage guitar that won’t cost you a fortune, then look into the Blueridge Historic series.

Under $1000

Seagull Artist MosaicBuy On Amazon

Seagull Artist Mosaic builds hand-crafted guitars that are made from some of the most durable and natural materials in the US. Some consider their guitars to be the best in the mid-range segment. It should be noted that most of their guitars are around $1,000, so it definitely takes some deep pockets to consider them. The question is if they are worth the trouble or just pretty to look at.

Sound can be affected by several things, including the materials used. This is something that was thought about when creating these guitars since they are made out of cedar and mahogany. Most guitarists know that mahogany is tough, so the addition of cedar was ingenious as it gives the guitar a more mellow tone. The combination enhances the guitar’s natural volume and projection capabilities, making their guitars perfect for strumming or those who like to pick the strings.

The guitar’s hardware should feel familiar since it comes with a standard shaped bridge. The guitar does come with a Tusq saddle, which is the norm for most high-end guitars. What is pretty special is the tuning device, which is pretty much owned by the company. Learning to tune with a new device may feel scary, but it seems to function just as well as any other device.

There is no doubt that the guitar can hold the key due to its hardware and construction, but the precision of sound needs to be addressed. Any guitarists would make sure the sound was right. The design is detailed-oriented, making sure things like a bound top and a rosewood fretboard were perfected. All of these details ensure that the sound is what one would expect from a masterfully-made guitar.

The Seagull Artistic Mosaic is definitely the kind of guitar worth paying attention to, and this reviews should make it easier to choose between these artist series guitars and others.

Here are some more best acoustic guitars under $1000 as well.

Under $1500

Blueridge BR-180 Historic SeriesBuy On Amazon

The Blueridge BR-180 Historic Series guitar is a nod to pre WWII construction. It is a high quality guitar constructed with the top of the line materials while maintaining a price thousands of dollars less than its rivals like the D-45.

This guitar is constructed from woods that have been specifically selected to most closely resemble woods from a bygone era. Adirondack and Brazilian rosewood are both woods that have suffered from deforestation making them unsustainable choices. The Blueridge guitar features a Sitka spruce top and India rosewood sides and back. The sound produced matches that of the traditional yet unsustainable tone woods of old.

The model features high end detailing that makes this guitar as beautiful to look at as it is to listen. Abalone inlays are found on the fingerboard, sound hole rosette, borders, and peghead. The tuners are gold-plated open back tuners, creating a vintage feel in the elaborate look of the beautiful headstock. Mahogany is used to construct the slim, fast action, neck and fingerboard, unlike the typically used Indian rosewood. The super attractive pick guard is made from Dalmatian tortoise. Little expense or time was spared on making all the details of this guitar special. The craftsmanship and techniques used in the construction will take you back to times when products were handmade with time and attention.

The sound of the Blueridge BR-180 is just as stunning as its appearance. It offers a well rounded acoustic sound just as suitable for strumming as it is picking. Bright and clear highs with voluminous lows describe the tone quality of the instrument. It has vintage throwback features like the shifted x-brace pattern, with modern touches like them modern nut width. It accommodates today’s playing styles while paying proper tribute to pre-war construction and craftsmanship. The only complaint is that it does not come with a case.

Under $2000 (High End)

Martin D-16RGTBuy On Amazon

The Martin D-16RGT is a guitar that is concerned with more with sound than it is with flashy details. The dreadnought body makes it a full volume acoustic guitar that is suited to several styles and genres.

This guitar utilized time and attention where it is needed instead of in superfluous detailing. The top is constructed from Sitka spruce with the back and sides made from East Indian rosewood. The special attention to the Sitka top and large sound hole permits a large and warm sound to resonate from this instrument. There is clear articulation in strummed chords and a warm body sound for finger picked notes.

The dovetail neck joint construction is more durable and less expensive to repair than mortise and tenon. However, this model maintains the x-bracing pattern, found in the more expensive models, to maintain the high quality of sound. They made all the right cuts in all the right places to give an affordable cost while maximizing the terrific “Martin” trademark sound. A perfect example of this is the choice to use Richlite on the fingerboard instead of a more expensive wood.

Martin steel string lovers have not been disappointed by this model. All of the guitars in the 16 series are pleasing additions to the Martin family. The guitars come with a hard case, which seems to be a rare inclusive accessory at this price point. The guitar also offers a left-handed option. This guitar is not for you if you are looking for fancy guitar filled with pearl inlays and borders. However, if you are looking for a mid-price quality sounding guitar, this is for you. They kept all the features that make an instrument sound like a piece of art. They left out the bells and whistles that do not contribute what counts, a great sound.

Best Choices By Skill Level

Beginner And Starter Entry Level

At around this level, I think that somewhere in the $300 range is the sweetspot.  You should get a decent guitar at a decent price.  Perfect for people just starting to play and maybe in their first year of playing.  My choice?

Fender CD-60S – Buy On Amazon

See above for review.


Maybe you have been playing guitar for a few years and you are ready to upgrade to something in the mid range.  I think that something in the $750 range is a good spot to be.  Like this choice:

Blueridge BR-140 Historic Series – Buy On Amazon

See above for review.


When you get to this point, I think that it is time to find a guitar that you plan on using for many years down the road.  Looking at higher quality, great playability, great build quality, etc.  My choice:

Martin D-16RGT – Buy On Amazon

See above for review.

Number of Strings

6 String

To be honest, anything that I have mentioned so far in the article is going to work well for you.  My best recommendation is to choose the price range that you are comfortable with and buy from that recommendation.

12 String

Seagull Coastline S12Buy on Amazon

The Seagull Coastline S12 offers remarkable value in the world of acoustic guitar. This dreadnought guitar with a cedar top provides a full and rich sound quality. The 12-string guitar boasts of a warm mid-range tone as well as superior craftsmanship and value. The back and sides of Seagull Coastline guitars are crafted from a three layered lamination of wonderful wild cherry wood. This gives a sound that is somewhere between the soft tone of a solid mahogany guitars and the fantastic bright sound of maple. The wild cherry wood has proved to be a good quality tone wood. These guitars have features of solid Cedar tops that have been tested for select pressure, back and sides of Wild Cherry, integrated set necks as well as custom polished finishes.

Cedar Tops that are Select Pressure Tested

Each solid top of the guitar is pressure tested to guarantee the highest level of stiffness and rigidity along with greatest harmonic vibration. This benefits the projection, overall tone and resonance which not only provides huge benefits to the players but also extends the lifespan of your guitar.

Tops with Compound Curve

The Seagull Coastline S12 guitars have an arch at the top just above the sound hole. This provides resistance to the downward pressure that is created by the fingerboard and enhances the structural integrity of the guitar top.

Integrated Set Neck System

This system offers stable and consistent action while noticeably reducing twisting and warping neck.

Tapered Headstocks

This allows straight string pull, which makes both tuning as well as staying in tune a lot easier. This is also very suitable for open tuning.

Truss Rods with Double-Action

The rods bend in both directions, which give lot of control over the neck.

Custom Polished Finish

The new finish is a reminiscent of the 19Th century French polish. It not only gives a gorgeous semi-gloss satin sheen but also allows the top to vibrate and breathe freely thus bringing out the actual tone of the wood. This promotes one of the most essential processes, known as “aging”. This means that the guitar will actually start sounding better the more it is played over a period of time.

Music Genres You Play

Different acoustics are better for specific genres of music that you plan on playing.  For the most part, just about anything will work with any genre but these choices just have enough subtle differences to make them slightly better for that genre.

For Blues Music

Martin 000-15MBuy on Amazon

New guitar models keep hitting the market almost every passing day. However, not all the new models are successful. It is only a select few that make it big. The Martin 000-15M is among them. It has created a sensation among music lovers from the day it was available in guitar stores. Not only does it sound brilliant, it would also count among the most good-looking guitars ever too.

As you pull out the guitar from the case, the first thing that will floor you, apart from the superb design is the smell of chocolaty mahogany that would waft through the room. In fact, the aroma is so attractive that you will probably want to take the guitar everywhere with you.

The first thing that impresses you about the guitar is its compact size. You can comfortably place it on your knees and virtually feel no pressure. Although the light weight may feel odd for those habituated to heavier guitars, they will soon get used to it in a couple of days’ time. The body gradually leads to a much slenderer neck than other guitars, which makes it a delight to hold. The vintage machine heads add to its old-world charm and understated elegance. The neck profile is 1 11/16-inch, while the string spacing is 2-1/8″. The guitar features 20 frets on a rosewood fingerboard. All the controls are ergonomically placed so as to ensure that there is no interruption in the playing of the guitar, while adjusting certain controls.

Needless to say, the guitar also sounds fabulous. Mahogany is always associated with blues. However, in the case of the 15M it is a truly versatile guitar. While it is understandable that given the guitar’s size, there are limitations on aggressive strumming, but it more than makes up for its clarity of tones. This clarity across the entire range, along with the minimalist body style, what makes it a special guitar.

For Fingerstyle

Yamaha L-Series LL6Buy on Amazon

So you’re ready to embark on your acoustic electric guitar adventure and you need a guitar. The Yamaha L-Series LL6 is as good as any entry level guitar you’ll find for the price and the quality. With the Yamaha name behind you, there’s a guarantee as to the quality and craftsmanship that comes with your guitar.

The Yamaha L-Series provides you a great combination of both traditional and modern with a great, warm tone that will give you years of playing pleasure. With Yamaha’s new Zero Impact pickup system, the guitar is ready to plug in and play and you’ll be glad to you went with a Yamaha.

With Acoustic Resonance Enhancement technology built into the L-Series guitars, a precise control of humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure pushes the molecular properties of the wood to its most optimal acoustic conditions, just like types you’ll find on older, classic woods in instruments that have been played for years.

As for the L-series characteristic body design, the non-scalloped bracing system is used to pull out both the bright tones as well as the low-end tones. The L-Series also re-engineered string spacing and height, fingerboard bindings and neck tapers and came up with one of the most comfortable neck shapes on the market, giving you easy playability as well as smooth movement over the entire course of the neck.

The Zero Impact pickup system is another great feature that minimizes how traditional pickups would impact the tones and the overall appearance of the guitar. Your choice between mahogany and rosewood. Depends on whether you’re looking for a well-balanced tone or reaching for the richer low-end tones and quick responses of the more durable mahogany. Overall, the Yamaha L-Series LL6 is the perfect combination of performance and quality as well as price point suitable for an entry-level guitarist.

For Worship

My best advice for this is to figure out how much you want to spend and choose based on that.  just about anything will work.  Go to the top of this page and take a look at our choices by price.

For Country Music

Taylor 110CE Dreadnought Buy on Amazon

When you mention Taylor guitars, you’re talking about quality and workmanship and with that you can expect to spend a good deal of money for a great guitar, but with the Taylor 110CE Dreadnought you’re looking at one of the best and most affordable entry-level guitars on the market. The Taylor sound is often described as shimmery and bright, and with this guitar you’ll be picking on some of the classic sounds that come with the Sitka spruce/walnut tonewood combination of this guitar. It produces a great balance between sparkle and warmth and with the dreadnought design you’ll get all the power, voice and projection that you’d expect with this body style.

Whether you’re a strummer or flatpicker, the Taylor sound has always found a place with traditional bluegrass, folk and modern acoustic rock. The layered walnut back and sides offer a great rigidity to the body, allowing your to project vibrations out to the audience and will withstand whatever aggressive picking and driving you can dish out.

Taylor packs its guitar with great proprietary features like the Expression System 2, which uses a special pickup behind the saddle. The TUSQ nut and Micarta saddle provide a virtually buzz-free experience, and the die-cast chrome-plated tuners maintain their intonation better than most guitars of this class. It comes with a scalloped x-bracing that shows off a nice, warm bass response while at the same time highlighting the crisp highs and smooth mids. The playability is enhanced with tropical American mahogany on the neck and the ES2 electronics push out a great amplified sound.
An awesome guitar for the entry-level guitarist. It’s on the lighter side of acoustic guitars and feels great to play. For the price of this guitar you won’t be disappointed in the sound and performance and durability of the Taylor guitar.

Other Considerations

There are a number of other things to consider when choosing.  Maybe you need something to be what is best for a very specific reason.  Like these:

For Live Performance

For playing live gigs, you are either going to want something that you can mic – which would be any of the options I mentioned above in the price range section.  But, you could also go the acoustic electric route.  In this case, I would recommend this one:

Martin Road Series DRS1Buy on Amazon

The Martin Road Series DRS1 Acoustic Electric Guitar is great for the guitarist that has graduated from beginner stage and is ready to find themselves as a musician. It’s not too incredibly pricey and most of the time you can find them for anywhere in the $600 to $800 range depending on who you’re buying from.

Basically if you need your guitar to be durable without sacrificing on sound, this is the instrument for you. The Martin DRS1 is really designed for the traveling guitarist who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a good guitar.

The neck is solid and made with multi-laminate Stratabond. Its super durable and you won’t have to worry about accidentally snapping or breaking it if you’re going from gig to gig.

The fingerboard and belly bridge are made of Richlite which looks similar to ebony. People who don’t know a lot about guitars will think you spent a fortune on it and you definitely won’t lose any respect with serious artists. It also has a sound reinforcement system and its preamp mounted in the sound hole. There are also rotary controls for tone and volume.

The Sonitone sound reinforcement system runs a 9 volt battery and comes with an end-pin jack. Most of the time when you buy these guitars come with a case as well. If you’re a beginner this guitar is going to be overkill for you.

If you still want it, make sure you are serious about continuing on with learning guitar otherwise you’re going to waste your money. Most people quit guitar really quickly after starting because it’s hard to learn and it can take time to get used to how it makes your fingers feel. However if you’re in the market for a decent long-term instrument, the Martin DRS1 is for you.

Small Body For Kids With Small Hands

A slightly small guitar with kids that have small hands will help them a lot!  You also want something that is not a toy but still a cheap acoustic that is enough for a child just starting out.  My choice:

Yamaha JR1 3/4 Scale GuitarBuy on Amazon

The Yamaha JR1 guitar is designed for the player with small hands or a child who is just learning to play. It is built ¾ to scale of the regular-sized guitar, which means it is small enough for a child who is 8 or younger to wrap hands around it and play comfortably. Despite its size, the Yamaha JR1 3/4 Scale Guitar produces quality sound. Of course, you don’t get a rich tone as you would with a full-sized guitar but compared to other brands of the same model, this Yamaha mini folk tunes well.

The Yamaha JR1 3/4 Scale Guitar is made with an original spruce top while the back and sides are meranti. It comes with a Javanese rosewood fingerboard and bridge, which is completed by a nato neck. The natural finish of the guitar gives it a polished classic look. It has a body depth of 3-1/8″ by 3-9/16″ and 21-1/4″ for the string scale. The tuning machines are open chrome, and it has 6 steel strings.

The mini folk guitar is lightweight, which allows players with small frames to carry it effortlessly. It is a fun play even for beginners. However, a kid may need to play it for a while before getting used to the steel strings. For an affordable mini acoustic parlor guitars, the Yamaha JR1 3/4 Scale Guitar doesn’t compromise the sound too much; it stays in tune longer than other guitars of the same class. The slim neck makes it easier to hold. It is also a perfect choice for the traveler who requires an easily portable guitar to practice on.

If you are looking for a starter instrument that doesn’t cost too much, the Yamaha JR1 3/4 Scale Guitar is a good investment. It is inspired by Yamaha’s FG folk series, and that guarantees you a solid build and quality sound. With the Yamaha mini folk, you get sound craftsmanship, good tuning, and incredible volume.

These make decent travel guitars too!

Cutaway For Soloing

If you are a lead player and want to lay down dome sweet acoustic lead breaks, having a cutaway body helps you reach a lot of the higher notes that you would have a hard time reaching in a regular dreadnought body shape.  My pick is:

Takamine G Series EG360SCBuy on Amazon

Once in a while you’ll come across a guitar deal that you can’t believe is for real. The Takamine G Series EG360SC is one such deal that you have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re awake when you put your hands on this guitar.

The sound quality of this dreadnought guitar is unbeatable for the price. The look is traditional with a solid spruce top and smooth rosewood sides and back. The warm tone from this wood is really something to behold for anyone who plays guitar. A beginner would really enjoy the ease of the fretboard. It comes with a very simple on-board TP4T preamp that features a 3-band graphic EQ and a built-in tuner which will provide much fun and powerful sound for any setting. As acoustic electric guitars go, this model sounds brighter and clearer than many others for the same price and the sound is quieter but fuller and some say it sounds even better plugged in than unplugged. With abalone inlays, there’s a sparkle effect that comes when the lights shine down upon it and no matter whether you’re playing on stage or in your basement, you’ll love the comfortable feel and dazzle that it shows when you’re playing your favorite tunes.

Takamine offers this guitar with a limited lifetime warranty, but no warranty on the electronics or plating. If you’re looking for a gift to buy someone for their first guitar or perhaps you want to upgrade to an acoustic-electric guitar, then this is the right one for you. With a beautiful dreadnought cutaway design, you’ll love the feel, the texture and the durability of this beautiful piece of art, and once you plug in and play electric, you’ll never want to go back to just a plain old acoustic guitar. Available in most guitar stores and online, but check for availability as the inventory on this model is going fast!

Acoustics That Famous Guitarists Played

Maybe you are looking for something that one of your favorite guitars plays.  Take a look at these examples:

  1. Kurt Cobain – Martin D-18E Acoustic-Electric
  2. Keith Urban – Maton EBG808
  3. Jimmy Page – Gibson J-200
  4. Dallas Green – Martin D-28
  5. John Mayer – Martin 0042SC John Mayer Stagecoach Edition

Understanding More About Acoustic Guitars

What Is An Acoustic Guitar?

An acoustic guitar is a guitar that produces sound acoustically—by transmitting the vibration of the strings to the air—as opposed to relying on electronic amplification (see electric guitar). The sound waves from the strings of an acoustic guitar resonate through the guitar’s body, creating sound. This typically involves the use of a sound board and a sound box to strengthen the vibrations of the strings. via Acoustic guitar – Wikipedia

Who Invented The Acoustic Guitar?

Many guitar historians point to an Italian gentleman named Gaetano Vinaccia as being the inventor of the acoustic guitar. Vinaccia’s family was famous in the later part of the 18th century for being exceptional luthiers and produced some of the highest quality violins available in Europe at the time. They are also credited with inventing the mandolin. A six-stringed instrument dated 1779 and built in Naples, where Vinaccia worked, is considered by many to be the first true acoustic guitar. This “romantic guitar” is smaller and narrower than today’s classical guitars. via Who Invented the Acoustic Guitar | LoveToKnow

What Are The Different Sizes Of Acoustic Guitars?

There are some other more bizarre sizes and shapes but these are the most common ones.

Note that it’s hard to categorize guitar sizes and shapes into tight categories because each brands sizes and shapes are subtly different. This post is mostly focused around Martin and Taylor shapes – most other shapes mimic these shapes.

via The Different Sizes of Acoustic Guitars | Six String Acoustic

What Is The Hole In An Acoustic Guitar Called?

That hole is simply called the sound hole.

Electric Vs Acoustic – The Differences Between Them

The main difference between both if them is their functionality. An electric guitar (as the name suggest) functions using electricity and an acoustic guitar functions without it. via What is the difference between acoustic and electric guitar?

Frequency Range Of An Acoustic Guitar

I found this really handy picture that breaks down the acoustic guitar EQ in the frequency spectrum. via Your Ultimate Guide to Acoustic Guitar EQ – Audio Issues …

acoustic guitar eq


Phew!  I know that this appears to be quite a large list and seems like it would be hard to choose.  But, I hope with the way it is layed out and how I have recommendations based on a large number of different needs, you can choose the right acoustic guitar for you.

If you have any recommendations of your own or experience with any of these guitars, I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to drop a comment below.