Behringer Ultra Metal UM300 Distortion Pedal Review

Behringer, as audio manufacturers go, are not renowned for being elite or particularly high end but that doesn’t mean their products don’t do a good job, and in many cases they represent an excellent choice for those on a budget. The UM300 is no different. In spite of being a fraction of the cost of many of the other products on the market, that hasn’t held it back, and almost universally good reviews make this a viable option even for serious musicians.

One of the distinct features of the Behringer Ultra Metal UM300 distortion pedal is the ultra metal feature, which goes a step further where other models such as super metals and heavy metals leave off. The Super metal has a level one, low and high distortion and though all have their own effect, the key piece is the high end control. The heavy metal has a level, low and mid distortion controls. So what the ultra metal does is, it takes the super metal and the heavy metal pedals and merges them into one. So the ultra-metal has the distortion, high, two separate mid levels and a whole load of control over your sound.

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As Ive already mentioned, it is an affordable pedal, when compared to other pedals available in the market. The features and functions are designed to ensure it is equally competitive with some of the similar products leading in the market, it is just manufactured in a cheaper way in order to keep the price down for the consumer. It is also one of the most exciting pedals and most wanted for heavy metal or heavy rock distortion, even if you don’t have a fortune to spend you can get some fun sounds with this bad boy.

The outcome of distortion is really thick and resembles a tube distortion sound. The out-and-out distortion feature and three band EQ are amazing. Additionally the control levels aren’t noticeably cheap, and have a pretty high quality of sound. It has an LED light to display the status of when it is on/off and it allows allows you to check the status of the battery.

It comes with a three year warranty program, which is extremely generous given the low cost of the product. Behringer is one of the companies that is committed towards making the customer happy and providing the best possible service. Also they boast a really low product failure rate, as they claim to manufacture products in their own factory using world class equipment and best practices. Some of their microphones and other audio equipment doesn’t come with my top recommendation, but this pedal certainly does.

Another point that is worth mentioning is the two different mid range functions, the mid can be regulated exactly the way you want it to be and you can come up with your own unique, even trademark sound. If you find yourself lacking in your tone, this product can help you to pick out the frequencies you need to beef up amazingly well.

In the order of high to low, I would rate the following as some of the major advantages of using this product; user friendliness, Quality of Sound, Consistency and Robustness.

A 9V DC adapter (recommended for environmental reasons and just so you don’t run out of juice) or 9V battery (good for busking) can be used to operate the Behringer UM300 distortion pedal. This product also comes with a user manual that has all the operating instructions and of course the normal safety precautions in several languages, showing its appeal on a global level.

Just make sure the voltage in your battery or adapter is as per the requirements to get the required output. It is very good combination for hard rock and in no time at all you can be busting out sounds which resemble Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins, Megadeth or whoever you love. This product is very easy on your pocket and provides great value based on the features and ease of use.