Awesome Guitar Practice Routine and How To Practice Properly

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There are a ton of how to practice guitar articles and videos out there on the internet but what a lot of people don’t realize is that some of these actually expand out to other aspects of your life as well. Stay tuned until the end of this article where I reveal my favorite practice tool and one that has literally skyrocketed my guitar playing!

Practicing something badly may be as ineffective as not practicing it at all. So before you even begin, make it easy for yourself to practice well by choosing a quiet, uncluttered environment. This means turning of the television, clearing off a space on the desk or table, moving to an empty room, or otherwise making your surroundings conducive to concentration and productive work. Read more…

When I was teaching guitar I sometimes had these types of questions about practicing correctly:

  • Can I practice guitar too much and over practice?
  • Can you practice guitar everyday?
  • How can I motivate myself?
  • How long or how many hours should I practice?
  • How to find time?

But in my opinion, there should only be one question you should ask yourself:

What Should I be practicing?

Stop asking the questions and just concentrate on doing it! It is as easy as this – go over the things that you feel need work. Having problems switching between two chords, practice it until you get it without thinking.  A particular guitar solo you are working on nailing?

How To Develop A Guitar Practice Routine And Create A Schedule?

Pushing Your Limits To Help Improve!

Playing the same riffs over and over and calling it practicing isn’t going to get you far. You need to challenge yourself and push the boundaries:

What scales do you already know? What scales do you not know, but want to? Why do you want to learn these scale and do you even like them? Are you going to use them in your music? These are questions you should ask yourself. Knowing why you are doing something will give it more meaning when you follow through with it. Wouldn’t you like to be able to command any speed of yourself at will? Read More…

My Favorite Guitar Practice Tool

Nothing has ever skyrocketed my playing ability like an online guitar lesson site like Guitar Tricks (click here for a special 14-day trial offer). These days, I like to take a particular lesson they have available and site with it until I have it down and can play it with no problems. I find that the more of them that I do, the faster I get at learning them and better and more versatile my playing is becoming. It’s fun too!