How To Play The Guitar With The Best Online Guitar Lessons

Whether you have been playing guitar for years or are just starting, online guitar video lessons can be a great way to learn guitar or improve on your playing.  I remember when I first started, there wasn’t a lot of options beyond either going to a guitar teacher or checking out guitar tabs in the latest issue of Guitar World. The internet wasn’t even available yet so neither was Youtube!

Perhaps you are looking to learn a bit more about guitar but do not have the option to get a teacher.  This might be the right option for you.

Online Guitar Lessons Are:

  • Effective.
  • Worth it!
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Covers a wide range of genres including rock, country, metal, jazz, blues and more.
  • Videos are expertly produced and super high quality.

Our Top Choices:

Both of these choices work well with either acoustic or electric guitar. Also every skill level from beginner’s right up to intermediate and advanced.

I used to teach guitar and at one time had quite a number of students but even though I think that the traditional teaching method has some advantages, these online guitar lesson options that are available online now are quite amazing!

I’ve tried a few different services online and will get into more about that later – let’s look at some of the most frequently asked questions that I hear about learning to play guitar online.

Are online guitar lessons sufficient for a beginner?

Of course!  Services like Jamplay and Guitar Tricks both have excellent support for not only beginners, but also intermediate and advanced players.  With these, you have an excellent opportunity to progress from a beginning guitarist all the way up to a pro!

What are the differences between learning guitar online or using an actual guitar teacher?

The differences are probably quite obvious.  Having a teacher gives you the advantage of having someone basically making sure that you are playing things correctly, using the proper techniques, and most importantly – you have someone that you have to report to so it almost forces you to make sure that you put your practice time in.  The disadvantages are that they are a lot more expensive and most times, you have to travel to the teacher.
Online guitar lessons can be done at your own pace from the comfort of your home!

Costs – Online vs. Guitar Teacher?

I am not going to get into the actual costs before for teachers it depends a lot on how the teacher structures their lessons, how often you go, your location, etc.  The best thing to do is check out the two guitar lesson websites and look at their monthly cost and then inquire with a local teacher for their cost.
But to save you the time – online guitar video lessons are most likely going to be cheaper.

Our two favorite online – Jamplay and Guitar Tricks!

I love these types of sites and there are many reasons why:

  • I can learn at my own pace.
  • A huge number of lessons available that are very easy to follow.
  • The variety of different guitar teachers is astounding!  You can learn so many different guitar styles from many different teachers.

Don’t hesitate! Sign up fr one of these (or both) and put your guitar playing in overdrive!